Haddin Group is a diversified property developer with a focus on the end user.

We’re developing a legacy of projects designed to benefit the people who will live and work within each building, as well as the wider community.

While we develop projects of various types, scales and locations, our one constant is absolute quality.

For us, every decision is about delivering value.

Our work across residential, industrial and commercial projects draws on more than 20 years of founder and director David Laing’s experience in the industry, both in Australia and the UK.

From acquisition and project management to sales, marketing and construction, David’s rare level of experience within every role allows ensures informed decisions for a positive outcome.

We partner with project team members with a similar level of experience, a high degree of professionalism and a commitment to creating places of substance.

We’re proud to be known as much for the way we work, as the projects that bear our name. With confidence, communication and consistent quality, Haddin Group is quietly making its mark on Melbourne’s skyline.



Haddin Group
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